The Air is Thin Up Here…..

With the Hardrock 100 now 10 days away I arrived in Silverton, CO for my final preparations. There is nothing easy about 100 miles. If it is flat it is hard, if it is in the mountains it is hard. It’s just hard period. So why do I do it? I love the community of runners. We are young and old, fast and slow and yet there is one common bond, love of the trail, of high places, of desert and plains. Love of the night and the stars, of pain and elation and laughter and tears. Our success is never certain and failure is not permanent. There are only 140 of us from all over the United States. Some have come as far away as England and France. For many it is there first time for others it has become a yearly ritual to travel to Silverton, to come home in a sense. For me it is the culmination of a long wait. Across America I ran, across Spain and around Kilimanjaro, dreaming of one more opportunity to run in the San Juan Mts. Of Colorado. You can put pavement under my feet but you can’t take the dirt from between my toes. Time to move now. The clock is ticking….on all of us….play hard!

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  1. Lori

    So good to hear you are still running , met you in Astoria and have been following your posts every since…Be well remain strong and may the winds be to your back on this run


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