Tick tock Tick tock

Down to the final days now and everything has come together so beautifully. GPS and beacon work great, down to only 2 nights without hosts, just tweaking last minute details before life on the road begins.┬áToday my brother turned 47. We ran cross country together in high school now he rides Harleys and I push a stroller…odd. He is coming to visit on Wednesday as is my son. It will be nice to see family for it has been way to long. We will fish, tell lies, tell stories, laugh, fish some more. Stuff brothers and sons do. The clock ticks……….


  1. Elizabeth Cahill

    We just heard about what you are doing through the AMTA, I just wanted to send you our best wishes and thanks. Wish you where coming through Connecticut, we would love to be a host and volunteer our services.

    Elizabeth and Mark Cahill
    Alternative Approach Acupuncture & Therapeutic Massage

  2. Linda Wright

    Family is the cornerstone of unconditional love. Enjoy your time with the boys.


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