The Winds…………….literally

The Wind River Range flows like a wave off to my right. Snow covered in June and yet down this low there are shades of green and brown as summer fills the mountain air of thes wide open plains. I have been fortunate to see the Tetons and now the Winds. Today I experienced the Winds in a new form. In my face, 35 mph for 10 miles….oooookkkayyyy. This isn’t quite fun. Did I say that? My speed pushing the stroller drops to a turtle-like 3 mph and I wonder if I will make my pickup time. Lander has been a nice town to visit. Pummeled by rain and floodwaters a week ago I see a town come together. Neighbors helping each other sandbag the rising river. I would not expect such weather in an area such as this but Mother Nature is not choosy. Rolling through town I take a picture of the 1905 Coulter building and spy my barber shop, Crazy Beautiful. Okay I admit it was at one time a barbershop and now a salon but for a shaghead like me passing through it would do. Coincidentally Army Sergeant Major Michael Millette flag would have been placed out front but now sits in a vase in the window of that salon, out of the elements. As I leave town I look at my small medicine bag dangling in the wind from my stroller. Given to me a few nights ago it contains a rattlesnake rattle for protection, an eyes stone to watch over me, a travel stone to get me from ocean to ocean and a healing stone. I feel secure and safe in a deep way. Running into the wind the gusts push the stroller side to side and nearly bring me to a standstill. What do I do? I keep my head down and ask for a little help and recieve from the previous 1305 flags a push from 1305 hands….


  1. Linda Wright

    Your amazing. I think of you daily and know the feeling of being stopped by the winds. I ran in 90 degree temps today for 8 miles nothing in comparison to what you are doing my friend. Please let us know when you are coming through Fort Collins, would love to run/see you. Take care and know there are angels all around you in your amazing journey. HUGS, Linda

  2. Lori

    In reality my friend you have over 4,000 sets of hands to help you on your way, Since you left us here on the Oregon coast another 11 have joined your Angels who will watch over you..

    Glad to hear you have your stones and rattles with you, Now if someone would present you with the feather of a Eagle you would be set for sure
    For it is sacred and honored .

    Take care, as they watch over you, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers

  3. desiree

    illinois is awaiting you as is davenport iowa…..step by step you are watched over and you will get where you need to go when you are meant to be there….i continue to love your stories and want you to publish this whole thing when done mike…..we anxioustly await your arrival and will have some more of those snicker bars for you….mochas and chocolate …..what esle is there????? lol take care my friend and God speed……hugs,

  4. Suzi

    Sending good thoughts (and pushes) your way.

  5. Donna Mullane

    Mike, We are just amazed at all of your marvelous stories. You are amazing dear nephew. Of course we have ALWAYS known that!!! We are at Shirley and Dwaine’s with grandpa, he finally agreed to come with us. He just can’t imagine how you are doing all of this!!!

    Cannot wait to see you next month. Take care of yourself and God Speed. Our love,thoughts, and prayers are always with you.

    Aunt Donna and Uncle Gary

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