The Road is Calling….

As I sit here on the porch of our home in northern Idaho, I look at the gravel road that lies below us. In doing so I wonder how many people have traveled that road over the years. Families, children on bikes, farmers pulling hay wagons, horses and pickups. The roads across the country call us. They tell stories, they lead us. They are the connective tissue that joins our homes and towns. They are the lifeline to us all.

It is time to run the roads of America again. There is one job that is left to finish. One stretch of this country that is 2100 miles long, one stretch that will bear 2100 flags of 2100 of our heroes and 2100 salutes to those whose lives enriched so many around them. This run isn’t about sorrow or pain. It isn’t about right and wrong or political views. It is about giving back. It is about remembering.

I was given the gift of freedom. The gift to travel many roads. Ones that took me all over the country and allowed me to live in many beautiful places and share it with many wonderful friends. Roads that brought me here on a Sunday morning to absorb the beauty of blue skies and a still peace. So I choose to give a gift back to those 2100 from Afghanistan. A gift of thanks. When this wall of flags is done it will represent over 6500 lives who gave us all a gift of service. It will be a road that connects their memory to us and knowing that there is a place each mile that they stand over is a comforting thought..


  1. Lori

    Followed you from Astoria on the First run..
    Knew you would return because of the Man you Are
    Will again keep my soldiers serving, veterans and mailing list informed and post your link on my website.. when you start I will feed it to my facebook………..
    God Bless You

  2. Boaz Abel

    Great post! We’re following you over here at Hyland’s and routing for ya! Keep up the great work.

  3. Lori

    Greeting Mike, well you are a true inspiration and the above link is my challenge to everyone,,, I think of you each day and say a prayer all is well.and knowing you met one of my on line friends and have Inspired him and others to Walk for the Fallen in March of 2013
    all I can say is Thank You
    Everyday I recieve the reports on newly deployed units,
    The Fallen and yes the suicides that are being investigated
    The struggles for those with invisible wounds and the Struggle to recover from the physical wounds
    There are so many lives affected by these very longlasting wars
    and I guess I just need you to know I am grateful for you and the others who have walks, runs, rides and competions to make people aware of the Price Being Paid by so Many


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