Rules of the Road

Thus far I have had no bad experiences with cars. Its all been good. I have came up with a few rules: #1 No music unless there is a stretch of road as bare as a babies butt. #2 Go with the flow….of traffic. This has been the safest. Motorists have been kind and they don’t swerve suddenly like they do when you are coming at them. #3 Have a mirror on the bar of the stroller. It lets me know whats coming up and when I have food in my teeth. #4 Utilize woods whenever possible….porta potties are few and far between but often appear like an oasis. #5 Sing. Alot. I now realize why I never quit my day job. #6 Talk. To my 30 companions for the day. They have stories. I thank them. They watch from above and lift me down the road to the next.


  1. priscilla

    sonny says you can run but you cant hide. Keep up the pace

  2. Sara and Matt Gilbert


    We are so enjoying your blog. What a trip. It sounds like you’re enjoying some fantastic hospitality and company. Good stuff.

    How did you luck out to have 30 companions today? No doubt you’re getting popular.

    Take care!


  3. Lori

    Sounds like you have the rules down pat for your safety on the road.
    Just watch out when you head for the woods, never know what might
    greet you.

    Hugs and stay safe

  4. Lori

    one of my Vets has a message for you so here I am again as a messenger
    “Tell him in The Nam we dug A cat hole & covered it up after ! HA! He is A true Vet ! ”
    Thanks Later Dee

  5. Ginny

    Just want to know that I am and will pray for you.
    that you will accomplished what you want to.
    May our GOD be with you.


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