Project America Run: Afghanistan

To honor those who have served and died in Afghanistan, Mike Ehredt will go on a 2,100 mile solo run. Flags bearing the Name, Rank, Age and Hometown of a fallen U.S. Military Member will be placed each mile, thus creating an invisible holding of hands from our northern border of Canada, just north of International Falls, MN
to the Gulf of Mexico outside Galveston, TX.

Traveling alone and pushing a stroller laden with flags, Ehredt’s route will take him through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

There is no statement to be made, no political message, just a personal tribute and a gift of thanks to those who have served our country.

In 2010 Ehredt completed his cross country run of over 4000 miles to honor those who died in Iraq and with the completion of this run, Project America Run II, his invisible wall of honor will grace over 6500 miles of our country in a serene and humble show of gratitude.

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