Life, Love and Luck

I entered  Nebraska this morning at 6:45 a.m. the sun was hidden behind gray clouds yet the air was thick with humidity. It is familiar to me. Growing up in rural, northern Illinois, one never really escapes the summer heat and it has stayed with me over the years, buried deep in the memories that run through my body.

The smells of corn, tall and green fill my nose. There are random feed trucks that go by and wisps of hay flutter across the road. I know I am far away from where I grew up but if I close my eyes I could very well be there. I have spent much time this last week pondering 3 subjects: Life, Love and Luck… I have looked at them and how they pertain to this trip.

I have been blessed each day with eyes that see everything as I move at a snails pace down the road. From ocean swells on the Pacific the day I left to the rainbow that appeared after the first flag was placed. Lakes and rivers and open fields of wheat lay stretched out before me. I see far away mountain ranges with snow topped peaks and aspen trees that shudder in the wind. I hear crickets and birds and silence is truly golden even when broken by the sounds of cattle as the gaze intently at me. This life on the road is a pandoras box of emotion. I see wet eyes and feel the sadness as a former Marine in his 70s places a flag and salutes with me.

I have had tremendous love out here. I feel it grow stronger for the country and this project as the miles grow. I feel it for the woman in my life whose kind heart and compassion and thoughtfulness radiates from her even though she is miles away. I awake each morning and absolutely love starting the day and running these miles and sharing it with each name I read.

My luck has been eerily consistent. There are times when I have just missed bad weather. Times when traffic disappears when I need it to vanish the most. Times when the sun slips behind the clouds and the temperature recedes.When my legs feel like they did 30 years ago and when, more often than not, a porta potty will magically appear. I have had the luck if you call it, of meeting the most amazing people in this rural America and hearing their stories and the history of their small towns.

Why do I talk of these things? Why ponder over 3 little words?


Last week as I left Golden I pulled off the side of the road to a small spot of gravel to add some water to my bottles. When I finished I happened to look down on the ground and caught the glint of silver in the sun. Near my stroller were 3 tiny pendants. The chain they were on was long gone and they looked like they had been on the ground a while. Each one had one word on it.

Life, Love, Luck………………

Of all the miles, all the random 30 second stops, all the places I could have pulled over that morning, it was that place that I chose to stop and it had a message for me in the form of those pendants……………


  1. Linda Wright

    Life, Love, Luck….. everything happens for a reason and my friend you are on this journey at this time in your life for that. I love your words and I love what you have done for so many and in return what you are becoming because of it. I/we will cherish our time spent with you going through Colorado. It’s something I/we will always have. Keep your words coming.

    LIFE, LOVE, LUCK…… the pendants were there for you. Always continue to look for the rainbows. I/we are thinking of you daily as we run our miles and go by the roads where we/you placed American flags for the soldiers who honored us.


  2. kath

    life – love – luck….yes you have that in the correct we only have…ahhhh to find that is awesome…..luck……you cannot make that happen… just does for whatever reason???for those who wait….patience……is a virtue…which is a blessing.

    You have just entered the state i live in. HOT.humidty.heat tolerate that and have on your journey among worse. Each mile you have placed that AMERICAN flag……. that is an accomplishment which words cannot describe!

    Each mile the flag you place

  3. Peggy

    I love you sweetheart.

  4. Penny Volf

    Welcome to Nebraska Mike! My husband, also Mike, and I have 2 Marines, one served two tours in Iraq and is basically out, the other has been to Afghanistan and will be heading back in January. You are doing a great thing and I look forward to meeting you when you stop in Wood River next week. Wishing you safe travels as you continue on. God Bless.

  5. Annie and Mike

    You never cease to amaze us Mike. Your story on LIFE,LOVE, AND lUCK was simply heart warming . We are thinking of you daily, and love following your journey. Safe travels

    Annie and Mike

  6. James and Grant

    We love to hear your stories and learn of your experiences. We look forward to seeing your in your hometown! I will introduce you to my son, Grant.

  7. Lori

    Hi Mike
    It has been awhile since I posted anything here,
    but I am still following your progress and reading
    ,everything that comes in
    Destiny seems to be the word of the day.
    Your life has been filled with service to Country
    Then your job of Service to the people around you
    And now you are showing to all the love and respect
    of our Fallen and reminding people of the love they
    held for their Country and Families..
    With the strong hope in your heart that many wake
    up and realize the true price paid for Freedom.

    You finding that message was meant to be.


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