Kentucky Days……

I have been in this state for 5 days now and more than ever I feel like I am in the south. People gave been gracious, polite and appreciative in their actions. Paducah lies at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers and played a significant role in the Civil War as a strategic control point for the shipping lanes. On a small street lies a brick home. Once the residence of Gen. Lloyd Tilghman it now houses a Civil War Museum. Artifacts grace the walls, pictures tell a story in a way words cannot…I walk away humbled by history.
Somewhere on US68 I begin to negotiate with God. Yep we have a talk. Numerous ones. The road has narrowed, the shoulder disappears and there is nowhere, I repeat nowhere to run. So I place the left wheel of the stroller out in the road and go with it…He must have listened to my terms because I was safe as cars passed by only inches away.Some things you just can’t explain. This road is called the Trail of Tears because it is a route that the Cherokee Indians were forced to travel as they were pushed west to Oklahoma and the reservations. As many as 12-15000 Cherokee and mixed other tribes travelled through Kentucky and two Native American Chiefs are buried in Hopkinsville, scores of others are buried where they fell along the trail. Unable to use their traditional medicines and diet many died along the route. The conditions were harsh and unimaginable and yet I complain about the lack of asphalt to run on…….
On a lighter note, I learn funny things.
“Jeet Yet?” ……….Defintion for Did ya eat yet? Is on a billboard outside Paducah…
“Bout a quarter mile”………is how far most things are… a quarter mile can include most things up to 5 miles….
that I will know I am in Tennessee because they will be wearing shoes…
but the most important thing:
Kentucky Bourbon is better than Jack Daniels….


  1. Carol Wright

    Hi Mike, I look forward to your blog and U-Tube uploads–helps me share the ride with you. Seemed strange not to send a message on Sunday, so maybe I’ll just have to continue doing that even though the race is now history. Enjoy “The South”. I’ve always enjoyed southern hospitality. Please know that we are all with you in spirit.

  2. luis

    When are you gonna run through clarksville tn

  3. Lori

    still here reading your words..
    Hope all is well
    Got you in my Prayers
    God Bless & Thank You for all you have and still do to Honor Our Fallen….

  4. Chris Janne

    Thank you for your call as you ran through Paducah. I wish safe travel for you. And thank you for remembering.

  5. Lori

    Hi Mike, well I did my one mile walk, grandson in tow………beautiful trees …the river below us.fishermen out on the river.. and I wonder as I walk and talk.if they have even had a fkleeting thought of our Troops, is one of them a Family who has one in Harms way We saw a grandmother raking leaves and talked to her for awhile, she does not have facebook or a computer..but Helen listened and learned about you and she said “Tell Mike tomorrow I will walk a mile in Honor of our Fallen and in Honor of your worthy Goals,”
    She does remember your first walk send Thanks & God Bless


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