Hello Astoria..

Arrived in Astoria, OR today. What an amazingly beautiful town, in fact the oldest town west of the Mississippi River…FACT. We went up to the highest poin in town and could see the Pacific in the distance….ahhh my start point on this journey. The America Legion in town is quite involved in showing their appreciation. They will be having a reception for me Friday night, be out at the start on Saturday morning and have recruited over 100 Legion Riders to escort me across the bridge into town and enlisted a Coast Guard helicopter to follow us. I am humbled by their genuine concern and involvement. I feel fortunate and lucky to be starting in such a wonderful place…


  1. Linda Wright

    Good luck to you and your amazing selfless journey to give honor to all you have honored us with their service and their life. Angels all around you always my friend. Be safe and look for the colors of the rainbow wherever you are.

    Enjoy your time and all you will touch,


  2. Betsy

    God speed, Mike! Thank you for your awesomeness!! :o)

  3. Patrick McKerren

    I hope we will see you run by on highway 30 towards Portland tomorrow. Couldn’t find a map, but it seems the logical route. If you see a couple waving an American flag at the flashing yellow light about 13 miles East of Astoria, that will be us! God bless you on your journey and thank you for helping to remember all of our brave heroes.

  4. Jim in Las Vegas

    I heard you on the Laura Ingraham radio show on Friday. Good interview. There is a huge buzz about your journey. I’m glad you are enjoying Astoria OR. Some movies filmed there…. Goonies, Short Circuit, Kindergarten Kop, Free Willey. God be with you. I’m making a contribution today.

  5. Rob Robinson

    You are AMERICA my friend, you stand (run) for all of us with hopes and prayers of a better life for everyone. Be safe!
    At the end of each day, count your blessings, we have many in this wonderful country. Our sons and daughters have sacrificed the ultimate giving!

    you are the American dream, God Bless

  6. LaDuke

    We’re watching you from home right now! Skied powder on the pass yesterday and thought of your exciting start! Keep us posted!!!

  7. Your Friends

    We are all watching your start and wish you well on your journay. Be safe and just know that you are missed here at the Post Office. We will stay in touch with you and check on you daily if theres anything you need you know we are only a phone call away.


  8. Daniel Jacobs

    Mike, God go with you and keep you strong on your mission. You speak “mountains” in your actions, and they will know you as a brother when you reach them!

  9. desiree

    way to go mike on you rfirst day!!!! Enjoy the journey, be safe and be proud of what you are doing!! love ya my friend

  10. Davis Delay Family


    It was so inspiring to see you on your journey today through Astoria! We were the small crew atop of the Maggie Johnson Overpass on Highway 30 in Knappa. We thank you for honoring our fallen hereos. We couldn’t be more proud to be American! We wish you the very safest of travels and we’ll be watching and cheering you on every step of the way!

    Stay safe,

    The Davis & Delay crews

    1. Peggy

      I was running with Mike that first day and was so touched by you all on the overpass. It really inspired me and got me motivated. Just having people out there cheering us on was so nice. Thanks for being there and supporting Mike. It was a special day.

  11. Susan Burris

    Godspeed and bring you safely to your destination. What an amazing task you’re undertaking. My son is serving in the military and I’m so grateful for supporters and veterans, like you, who honor the fallen.

  12. Dusty Hardman


    Congratulations on this phase of your adventure. You’ve put so much time, energy and planning into this journey and I hope you are able to thoroughly enjoy this part!

    You’re doing an awesome thing and I look forward to checking your blog every day to read about your progress.

    :) Dusty

  13. Linda Wright


    Just checking in to say again what a selfless act this is. My friend take care and blessings to you on your journey and towards your destination. Always look for the rainbows.

    Hugs Linda


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