Dwindling Days

There is a definate feel of fall in the air, as I travel these roads in New York. May 1st seems so long ago and the thought then, of being where I am now, was inconceivable. I could not comprehend the miles or the flags and if I had tried it would have overwhelmed me, so I have only focused on today and never ever opened the door of doubt. Time is not forgiving and it has marched on and carried me with it. The leaves are beginning to change and the hills of upstate New York are rolling and often steep. I have watched the seasons change. From the late spring and the green colors of the Northwest to the blooming flowers of summer in the Rockies to tall, rich cornfields in Nebraska. In a subtle way it started to change in Indiana. The corn turned brown and whispered in the wind. Once I hit eastern Ohio you could see the slightest colors coming out on the trees. It is almost as if I am seeing a portrait being painted before me, a portrait that swept in brilliant colors, across the country. Days are numbered now and I can almost begin to sense the coastline of Maine awaiting me. The journey has been magical. I am not a religious man by any means but time alone across this country has awakened a spirituality and opened my senses and given me intuition and energy so highly receptive that I am at a loss for words when I think of how fortunate I have been. When I started this run I wanted to believe that despite what we hear and read and see on television, despite how bad the media portrays everything, that our country is still great and filled with the greatest people. I have not been disappointed. That faith has been restored. When parents stop me on the road to thank me, when young soldiers take the time to run with me when home on leave, when a store clerk hugs me, I feel the goodness, the appreciation and the sincerity. It is a huge, huge country and there are a few more miles to go until Maine. Angels are around me now, my guardians, my brothers in arms and they have carried me this far and protected me. It is something hard to explain and even harder to understand but the certainty of their presence is real. As real as the sun setting on these dwindling days…………………..


  1. Sgt Bob


    Many thanks for planting a flag for Trevor Win’E on your travels in New York. I located it today. It’s near a winery. Don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but I would say it’s good planning on your part.

    I, too, am a flag man of a different kind. Also a veteran.

    We do travel the same roads, it seems. Yours of the long distance variety; mine around Southern Calfiornia.

    Keep up the good work. You’re my hero.

  2. Lori

    It is true you have made it so far and in reality quite quickly.
    I do believe your Angels have been with you every step of
    your journey. I look at the calendar and see all the changes
    taking place since you left our Peter Iredale.

    Moving moments happening that have kept you going and
    inspired you A journey of a lifetime, showing you many care,
    this is a great Country, our Military past and present is the
    Best of the Best in the World.

    May your Angels see you through to the very end with more
    amazing proof that we care .

  3. Linda Wright

    I love your post. I love the journey you have shared with all of us and I love what it has done for so many and in return done for you. Thank you for sharing your miles and memories with us all. Angels have always been around you Mike. Continue to look for the rainbows as I have said along the way.

  4. George(Vietnam Vet)

    I live in Maine and read the article in my American Legion News. Does anyone know where and when Mike will be going thru Maine? If not,how about when he will be in Rockland which is not far from where I live. Any info would be appreciated.

  5. Steven Bockardt

    sorry I missed you on your way by, wanted to show my suport but work got in the way. My blessings on your jurney, and thank you…

  6. Annie and Mike

    We are in awe of what you have accomplished so far. It just doesn’t seem possible that you are almost finished with your long journey. Continue safe travels . We have loved sharing your story and look forward to your homecoming.

  7. kate

    You are in my thoughts! Your spirit is so strong I can feel it all the way back here in Driggs! You crazy, big hearted, giving boy, you! You certainly have been touched by something special! My heart goes out to all the families and soldiers you are representing and honoring.
    PS…Are you still eating those amazin’ Tram Bars?

  8. Gail

    Mike, you & your team have reached so many lives by what you are doing. As a member of Patriot Guard Riders I know that there are a lot of love and respect in this country for our military. You have reafirmed this belief. I have looked over the list of names that are on the flags you are planting. So many names I know because I stood beside thier graves or in a flag line for thier funeral. I have gotten to know the families of some of these fallen Heroes. My heart goes out to all of them. Thank you again for what you do and thank you to your team. I will be sad not to be able to read your blog each day, but I know your journey must end. Many of us will be there in spirit with you. There is a reason God put this on your heart to do. It has strengthened your faith and helped us remember our fallem. Thank you and God Bless.

  9. Erin Linnebur-Hendrick

    Eternally grateful for your willingness to put your intuition into action. I instantly felted connected to many as I read your blog. I will continue to keep you and all those who do for others, past, present, and future in my heart and prayers. Namaste’

  10. Holly

    Dear Mike,
    I passed you today on Route 4 in VT between Killington and Woodstock. I was snug and warm in my car and there you were with your jogging stroller, running in the torrential rain against a beautiful fall foliage backdrop. It has been raining for two days and many roads are flooded. I wondered out loud, why someone would be jogging in such horrible weather, and my friend riding with me told me that she saw your story on the news. Ironically, today is the funeral of Lance Corporal Anthony James “Chuckie” Rosa from Swanton, VT, who lost his life in Afghanistan. What a courageous journey you are taking and I thank you for honoring the courage of so many heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice. What an incredible tribute to those who have served and lost their lives in Iraq. Peace be with you as you make your way…

  11. Len Reed

    I was very proud to have had the pleasure of hosting you for a night along your route. All of us who shared dinner with you were quite overwhelmed with your spirit and attitude. This is the first fan letter that I have ever writted, but I believe that you deserve fan mail for your selflessness in completing this project. I trust that you did not get blown off the road in the wind and rain you faced as you left Bethlehem for your trek thru the white mountains on your way to Maind and your final destination.
    Stay well.

  12. brent

    Mike you are a very special man. I am a Nvy vet Nam era Pacific fleet. I and members of Post 1278 met you when you came through the small town of Honeoye NY in Sept. On behalf of all vets(several generations for me) thank you. May God be always at your side.

  13. brent

    Mike you are a very special man. I and members of Post 1278 Honeoye Ny met you in Sept.You are doing a very special thing. As a Navy vet Pacific Fleet viet Nam era and a descendant of mant people who have serve d going back to WW1, Hats off to you May God always be at your side.


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