Maps and maps

The question has often come up: “Whats your route and how do you know where to go each day”?  Pretty simple. I have a gps that we are currently wrestling with that has the entire route on it day by day, turn by turn. Plan B is 61 pages of written instructions with blown up sections of the map when near a big city. On these it has the stop/pick-up point for the day. With both methods of navigation in place I will, hopefully be on track as I follow this ribbon of asphalt across the country.

February 4…..misc…

Ahhhh I have come to realize the importance of good coffee in the morning. However, what is good is determined by the palate of the drinker. My brothers shun “gourmet” for their Folgers….me? I’ll take Cravens Earth and Sky any day. Perhaps I will keep track of my coffee drinking taste tests along these highways I travel.

On another subject our February Newsletter will be coming out shortly. Please subscribe and you can also read our archived Newsletters from the past. This issue will feature a Profile on Marine Lance Corporal Danny Scherry, a FAQ section and an Update/Progress report.

To all those who helped last week in Driggs, THANK YOU!

Time to roll…….M

Is that a baby?

It was a lovely 2 hours with the stroller today on the road. I was psyched to try out my new mirrors. Flexible little jobbers from Sports Authority that fit on my bars. Though I will not trust them aside from turning around it worked beautifully seeing what was coming up behind me. Had a few comments. ” ohhh is the baby sleeping? I don’t see her in there? ” Oh she is covered up,,,,,alot…” “How big is she?” “Well about 12 lbs…..” Its funny how a medicine ball can make your imagination run. If they only knew……

Gray days in Idaho

Have realized that the sun doesn’t shine much up here between November and March…finished up flags…4373 ready to have ribbon attached…an hour of core and an hour on the bike, the fire is roaring in the stove and sweet aromas from the kitchen, life is good.

Sunny Sunday in Idaho…not

Awoke to a gray day here in Hope, ID which meant I could get a few things done indoors. Finished the rest of the ribbons for the flags. We now have 4373 to put together in 2 weeks….an hour on the bike and an hour of core and of course a stiff java to chase it all down and the day is done except for the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen….