Monthly Archive: February 2013

Concrete Fitness…..

The other morning as I ran along a dirt road north of my home in Hope, ID, I paid particular attention to those random thoughts that dart in and out of my mind when enjoying the forward motion of my body, propelled by an old pair of high mileage legs with worn treads.

What is it about a run, a ride, a walk that inspires us to stand, tie the laces, open the door and enter a world where are senses are awakened to fresh smells, sounds and sights? For ¬†as long as I can remember I now think that there is a deep seated need to move, to achieve. Mankind has inherited this trait from our very beginnings. Somewhere in our psyche a desire to create, to have warmth, gave us the persistence to create fire. This in turn allowed us to achieve more as we migrated through various parts of the world. This “achievement” enabled us to expand our horizons, brought us more food, creative shelter and the rest, they say is history. Had we not set into motion a dream, a desire, a curiosity to explore we certainly would not be where we are, excited about where we are going.

It is a good thing to lie dormant. I can vouch for that. When I sit in a white rocker chair on our porch and look at the lake life is quiet. Then the thoughts come. It is then that I make a choice. Let some things remain thoughts or make them concrete.

When we are in movement be it running, walking, bicycling, swimming we are on the path of achieving goodness for ourselves and our body. When we finish it is real. We have succeeded in 20 min., an hour, a mile or ten miles. We have achieved and that is much more than a thought in our head that gets played over and over as we tussle with excuses to move or not to move. So perhaps you will listen to yourself and then act….

Make those thoughts real.

Make your your days concrete.

Amazing results and achievements await…..