Monthly Archive: November 2011

Not Another Fall Day

His name was Don Wood.
A kind man, a good man.
He lived in Lower Waterford, Vermont not far from the highway I ran down as I headed for Maine last fall.
His home sat tucked off the road amongst trees that are turning gold and crimson ever more each morning.
A short distance away you can see the Connecticut river flowing slowly…sparkling as it winds away.
It is a beautiful place to be.
We talked the other day on the phone and I knew his health was failing.
Our conversation was fairly brief but I wanted Don to know I wished him well in his last few days and my thoughts were with him.

The leaves are turning here in Idaho outside my window.
A sign of the seasons ending.
It is also ironically a sign of a life passing.
Sometimes we are given the opportunity to be touched by people and to touch them if only for the briefest amount of time in our life.
Don was one of those opportunities.
He was a great family man, a loving husband and I knew this because I could see it in his eyes and those around him during the short time I stayed with he and his family.
Don lost his grandson, Lt. Joseph Fortin, in Iraq.
Joseph lost his grandfather today.
William Wallace once said:
“Men will always die but not all men really live.”
Don Wood lived…..
A great, great life.
He was loved and loved those around him even greater.
There are many things we never learn about those we meet but I do not assume the goodness Don Wood brought to the world, I am quite certain he gave more goodness than I could ever imagine.
Thank You Don…………