Monthly Archive: May 2010

Hello Hail, Hello Rain, WOOHOO

Well it is the end of day 3 and I am 101 miles into this journey. It seems only hours ago that I left the beach in Astoria, only hours ago that I crossed the Lewis and Clark Bridge into Longview….Today was winding, hilly tree shrouded roads fro Kelso to Battleground. Gotta love the rain, hit and miss and most of the time it hit me. I haven’t succumbed to my music yet, it has been to much fun with my own thoughts and watching for traffic and thinking about each name. The best part of the day is knowing that there is a host waiting for me and that is a good thing. Tomorrow I will place a flag at Corporal Jeremiah Johnsons high school when I run past. I am staying with his parent tonight and that is an even better thing. There is tremendous love in the reflection of their loss. I am indebted for their hospitality to me and the sharing of their home.The body feels good, the dogs (feet) are barking right now but that is expected. To those who have shown support and sent well wishes from afar…THANK YOU… to bed….more later